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Orchestra Schmorchestra Techno Song
Lenny Kravitz - Get Away COVER General Rock Song
A song for the Bae Classical Loop
The madness of Zekiel Video Game Song
I saw your face Techno Song
Hiphop? Maybe? What? Hip Hop - Modern Song
Clanker's Ocean Video Game Song
The Great Fairy Fountain Video Game Song
A Dark Golden Land Video Game Song
-l-Jungle Jam-l- Video Game Song
(DKC) Jungle Japes (WIP) Video Game Song
Elevator Descent Video Game Loop
Mombasa Streets Classical Song
Drumbeat Symphony World Song
The Hut by the River Video Game Song
Chi's Lullaby Classical Loop
Scientist approaches! Video Game Loop
Benny's Song <3 Classical Song
Battle of the Samurai World Song
I Feel Scottish Today World Song
-African Mojo- World Song
Backyard Sandbox World Song
Chi's Theme World Song
Short Africans World Loop
Perfect Day Ps4 (cover) Classical Song
A day in china World Song
March of the shogun World Song
The lotus opens World Song
5-minute Jam Miscellaneous Song
Broken (cover) Techno Song
Give me novacaine (Cover) Punk Song
Just stuck here in a drea Techno Song
Tommorow comes Today (Cover) Miscellaneous Song
Up on melancholy hill (Cover) Miscellaneous Song
Jamay the great General Rock Song
Gentle Dreams Classical Loop
Liliahth approaching! Video Game Song
Agent JimJamJaroo Experimental Song
MindBreak (Boss theme) Goth Song
What is my life?! General Rock Song
Death by Snu Snu Jazz Song
Japanese Jam World Song
WIP (Hatred Machine) Heavy Metal Song
Finally at peace Trance Song
Crushing day Classical Song
Rage against the Machine Heavy Metal Song
Trouble in paradise Techno Song
What is this?! Heavy Metal Song
Memories Classical Song
David the great Classic Rock Song
Mister sapphire Jazz Song
Dinophin General Rock Song
Katsumi Theme General Rock Song
Dootles Theme Jazz Song
Mr. Grinch Karaoke Classical Song
Sharkfriends Miscellaneous Song
Rose ScabbidyBop Experimental Loop
Planet Crimson Experimental Song
Slender in 8bits Video Game Song
-Never Safe in Aperture Ambient Song

2012 Submissions

-Catalyst- Techno Song

2011 Submissions

Windows + FL + Midi test 3 Miscellaneous Loop
MIDI Experiment 2 Windows + FL Miscellaneous Loop
Slap Dat Windows XP Miscellaneous Song
Windows/FL Midi Experiment.1 Miscellaneous Song
Experimental Anxiety Miscellaneous Song
Oh Snapple Techno Song
Funky Blam Ambient Loop
Classy Kill Techno Song
Le Apocalypso Techno Song
Oneys Birthday Gift: Devil rap Classic Rock Song
Sabrewyng's Theme Techno Song
Jomillex Jam Miscellaneous Loop
The Cruel Circus Catastrophe Miscellaneous Song
Sabrewyng's mutation Ambient Song
Teh Retard Miscellaneous Song
Detective Sabrewyng Trance Loop
Android Hell Techno Song
Android Heaven Techno Song
Fruit-punch Techno Song
Slapdat Techno Song
Warehouse Jam Techno Song
Saberwyng Jyngle Techno Song
Techno Talker Techno Song
The Saberwyng nightmare Ambient Song
Base! Techno Song
Speedy Pulse Techno Song
SweetCountryMoveit Country Song