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Ive had bad musician's block and they're pretty much the only inspiration i have.

By that i mean she loves drawing babes with large breasts and lovely bottoms. well wat can ya do. :3

Well, I made four submissions using windows sounds and stuff, and 3 of those so far are experiments. one is a remix of a song i made back in twenty ten

im also hoping to work on new music ;o


2011-01-28 09:29:05 by SaberWyng

He said his mom wont let him on newgrounds... that SUCKS.
On the brightside. I GOT IDRUM FOR CHRISTMAS WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Prepare yourself peeps, tyler's makin some $w33t B33t$


2010-11-22 16:03:51 by SaberWyng

Im uploading a song i made tributed to leo and satan. me and my friend misslegit went and with the help of my dad, we made something epically cool :D

Joinin jommy's company

2010-11-09 19:21:01 by SaberWyng

Defboyanimations bro, right on X3 ill be helpin you alot (much as i can)

my life is ending..

2010-11-09 15:52:42 by SaberWyng

my life has been terrible for the past frigging 4 MONTHS! X(

here it comes, tonight at 7:00

2010-10-31 12:19:33 by SaberWyng

so, how many of you guys are exited

Well, her eit is

2010-10-30 20:14:16 by SaberWyng

tommorow night, im uploading it.. jeez...that was hard