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This would be my blurb if it could be longer.

2010-06-26 18:27:53 by SaberWyng

Hey, Ty here, you can call me Saberwyng or Saber. Or even Ty. I Specialize in creating music and once i get everything on NewGrounds settled, Ill start rapidly making music. Its what i do. I also love voicing and making flash wit my Best Friend Jomillex and if you need my music for a collab or a flash movie PLEASE LET ME KNOW! SO I DONT GET ANGRY AT YOU! Im just Sensitive to that kind of stuff. on Kongregate someone uploaded my madness flash. ill be uploading it here for you guys. Id love to talk to you, but if you wanna chat with me Download Second Life or Talk to me on AIM. So, if you need any music made for you, just ask, but i only take two per day and they will be uploaded within the next week. So, thats much about me. This is Ty signing out.

umm, need some help.

2010-06-26 09:43:11 by SaberWyng

I cant upload music because it wont upload. plz help.

my new icon for posting ;D

2010-06-25 12:01:06 by SaberWyng

check it out. it took me 3 hours just to finish :|

my new icon for posting ;D

You know, After i got my computer finally fixed, i came on newgrounds. people, im going to do something for YOU! and for jom here ;D and im gonna make and upload new music because im getting a hang of it. so. Thanks everybody, thanks jom, and most importantly, i feel nice to be on newgrounds again. hers a pic of a sabretooth skull :D now to say something random. my random word of the day is.....daflarlar. :| so. ill post again sometime soon. otherwise, ill be keeping up with work onnewgrounds here. p.s. this only took me 30 seconds to write ;D been practicin my typing. so. Thanks so much Jom, i hope you have a wonderful summer.

~ Sabrewyng

This is Saberwyng! so. thanks jom for makin my account stylin.

My Friend Josh Miller A.K.A JomillexMade me the sick banner and Icon! If you want one like mine i bet he'd be more than happy to make one. Don't Know How much it'd cost if it costs anything though?
Not for Me because I'm his friend!

Hey my name is Tyler Forrey, I'm fairly new to New-grounds, And i could use some help learning more about Flash I know a little bit but if anyone has any help I'll take it!
Till then Imma work on some stuff with my best friend Josh feel free to check out his account Jomillex, he's got nothing right now because hes about to update it.